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1142 Pyramid Peak Drive house photography
Manzanar National Historic SiteComet Newise and Manzanar watch towerMono Lake SunsetSurfers at Sunset at Torrey Pines State BeachLakes Trail Mountain BikerMammoth Mountain GondlolaCornice Bowl, 1982Old Chair 16, Mammoth MountainMammoth Chair 3Comet Neowise from Minaret VistaDevil's Postpile National MonumentTour de France in Dol-de-BretagneValentine LakeOwens Valley Joshua TreeLittle Lake and approaching stormMammoth Mountain in WinterMammoth Mountain SunsetAirborn Mammoth Main Park skier and the MinaretsMt Whitney View from Lone PineRyder Hesjedal on the Galibier